Domestic Violence Children’s Book

The MUCH-ANTICIPATED children’s book addressing domestic violence, written by Longmont Police Detective Sara Pierce, is now available.

Order your copy NOW! As part of our domestic violence prevention and awareness efforts, LEVI set out several years back to find books geared for young children on the topic of domestic violence, and we found a lack of resources available. In response, Sara wrote “On a Dark, Dark Night”, an illustrated children’s book explaining domestic violence in a story format, using words and situations that children understand.

Children's Domestic Violence Book by Sara Pierce

“On a Dark, Dark Night” takes the reader through the experiences of young Cub after he witnesses his father strike his mother. The reader follows along as Cub finds help and support from his old friend Moose and his new friend Eagle. The book touches on the very serious topic of domestic violence, but in a way that may help even the smallest children understand and cope with their own experiences. “On a Dark, Dark Night” is a 52-page hardbound children’s book. It is available for only $16.95. All sales go directly to LEVI and will be set aside to fund additional printing, distribution, and education.

Order Now! Please complete the Book Order Form and submit it to LEVI along with payment. We will let you know when we expect our new order and will ship your book(s) to you as soon as possible. Sara Pierce and LEVI would like to thank all who have played a part in the creation of this book:

  • Becca Lange
  • Boulder County District Attorney’s Office (CO)
  • Debbie Brodhead
  • Ellen Schultz
  • LEVI (Cheryl Swanson, De Fowler, Elise Flesher and Robin Ericson)
  • Longmont Police Department (CO)
  • NZ Graphics (Nick Zelinger)
  • PatWilkes
  • Rotary Club of Carbon Valley (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Erie (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Longmont (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Longmont St.Vrain (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Longmont Twin Peaks (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Mead (CO)
  • Sue Bridgeman
  • United Graphics Incorporated

Media coverage of the book:

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Press Release: Longmont Police Detective Writes Children’s Book “On a Dark, Dark Night”  

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