Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) – October

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is a national movement to bring public attention to the problem of intimate partner violence. While October is the official month for this campaign, many individuals and organizations in Longmont make domestic violence awareness their goal every single day.

Many events are taking place during October to bring awareness to domestic violence. Click here to learn more about Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Elder Abuse Campaign – June 2012

Elder Abuse

In response to an increase in elder abuse both locally and nationwide, LEVI worked with the Boulder County Elder Justice Coalition to deliver a coordinated awareness campaign around the issue of elder abuse.  Click on the image to find out more. 


Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Awareness Month – February

Each year LEVI works closely with TERA (Teens Ending Relationship Abuse) at Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley to bring awareness to the growing epidemic of teen dating abuse.  Click on the image to find out more campaign specifics.

 White Ribbon Campaign -June 2011

white ribbon campaign Thanks to all who participated and supported our 2011 White Ribbon Campaign, please send us your FEEDBACKregarding things you liked, things you didn’t like, and suggestions for our next campaign. LEVI designated June 2011 as White Ribbon Month. During this time we focus our awareness efforts on engaging men to end domestic violence. As part of this campaign, LEVI is urging men to wear a white awareness ribbon and to become part of the solution to end domestic violence. The White Ribbon Campaign is not meant to exclude women, nor is it an exercise in “finger pointing.” Instead, it is an opportunity to use men’s strength and voice to make a difference in our community.Below is a listing of the activities/events LEVI coordinated for this campaign:

  • 15,000 beverage coasters were put into circulation at local bars & restaurants.
  • Action oriented articles were published in the May/June issues of the Longmont Life and City Line.
  • 2,500 white ribbons were made available at several public locations.
  • Large white ribbons were hung along Main Street.
  • Several letters to the editor on the subject were published.
  • White ribbons were placed on all Longmont PD patrol cars.
  • A total of 450 Public Service Announcements ran on the local cable channel.
  • LEVI hosted a professional training on “Men’s Role in Preventing Gender Violence.”
  • Four print ads ran in the Times-Call
  • A male-specific brochure was created and distributed to local men’s groups, churches, and workplaces.
  • A “closing event” celebrating men’s work on June 30th at Lefthand Brewery.

Domestic Violence Children’s Book Campaign

The MUCH-ANTICIPATED children’s book dealing with domestic violence, written by our very own Longmont Police Detective Sara Pierce, was published in November 2009.

As part of our domestic violence prevention and awareness efforts, LEVI set out several years back to find books geared for young children on the topic of domestic violence, and we found a lack of resources available. In response, Sara wrote “On a Dark, Dark Night”, an illustrated children’s book explaining domestic violence in a story format, using words and situations that children understand.

“On a Dark, Dark Night” takes the reader through the experiences of young Cub after he witnesses his father strike his mother. The reader follows along as Cub finds help and support from his old friend Moose and new friend Eagle. The book touches on the very serious topic of domestic violence, but in a way that may help even the smallest children understand and cope with their own experiences.

Copies have been sold all across the United States and are going fast! Call (303)774-4534 by credit card or print and send in the enclosed order form.

“On a Dark, Dark Night” is a 52-page hardbound children’s book and is available for $16.95. All sales go directly to LEVI and will be set aside to fund a second run of books.

To order a copy, please click here to download the order flyer. Fill out the order form and submit it to LEVI along with payment.

LEVI would like to thank all who have played a part in the creation of this book:

  • Becca Lange
  • Boulder County District Attorney’s Office (CO)
  • Ellen Schultz
  • Longmont Police Department (CO)
  • NZ Graphics (Nick Zelinger)
  • PatWilkes
  • Rotary Club of Carbon Valley (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Erie (CO)
  • Rotary Club of St.Vrain (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Longmont (CO)
  • Rotary Club of Longmont (CO) – Twin Peaks
  • Rotary Club of Mead (CO)
  • Sue Bridgeman
  • United Graphics Incorporated

Thank you all!