20th Judicial District Crime Victims Compensation

LEVI RESOURCE: 20th Judicial District Crime Victims Compensation

  20TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION is a county governmental entity in existence for 25 years. The 20th Judicial District Victim Compensation serves the geographical jurisdiction of Boulder County.


Crime Victim Compensation has one full-time employee. Bilingual services are available. The Crime Victim Compensation physical office is in Longmont, CO.


Crime Victim Compensation can provide brochures about the victim compensation program in both English and Spanish versions. Applications can be mailed per request. Also, applications and therapy forms can be printed from the D.A.’s website. Victim compensation will make community presentations as requested.


Crime Victim Compensation provides no emergency shelter, however, will consider relocation expenses and loss of support expenses on a case-by-case basis per the Crime Victim Compensation board’s policy.

Direct Services

All decisions for payments/reimbursement are at the discretion of the Crime Victim Compensation Board on a case-by-case basis. The board meets once a month. Victims may be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable medical expenses, therapy needs, medically necessary needs (i.e. eye glasses, dentures, hearing aids), homemaker/home health care services, counseling, self-defense classes, lost wages, loss of support, safety modifications (repairs to doors, locks, windows to residential property) as a result of a domestic violence arrest and in the event of a death, burial expenses. Crime Victim Compensation also takes into consideration secondary victims (i.e. family members, caretakers, etc.). Crime Victim Compensation is a fund of last resort, in other words, you must access your homeowners or health insurance policy first before contacting Victim Compensation. This includes, Medicaid and Medicare. This is an application process and does not guarantee approval or funding. Do not assume your application has been approved until you receive notification from the board. Victim Compensation CAN NOT pay attorney’s fees, impound fees, cost of protection orders, loss of personal property (i.e. food, clothing, jewelry, TVs, stereos) or pain and suffering. Maximum award is $1000 per claim for property. Call for policy limits on all categories.


There is no income requirement to apply for Victim Compensation benefits.


Services in this arena cover only doors, locks or window repairs of a residential property or safety modifications for the security of residential property.

Victim Compensation, 20th Judicial District

1035 Kimbark Street Longmont, CO, 80501

Phone – 303.682.6801 fax – 303.682.6711

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Victim Compensation Director- Kim Stalnacker