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BLUE SKY BRIDGE is a private non-profit organization that provides prevention and intervention in the fight against child abuse. Blue Sky Bridge facilitates a collaborative approach to child abuse investigations while providing child victims and their families with support in a safe, compassionate environment. We strive to make the community safer for all children and their families through intervention, education and advocacy.


Blue Sky Bridge has nine employees. Some bilingual services are available with prior arrangement.


In addition to multiple trainings for professionals, Blue Sky Bridge provides a sexual abuse prevention education program to students, parents and school staff in Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain Valley School Districts.  Our website provides a variety of materials and resources for professionals and the community on the topics of child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Also on the website are relevant articles and other resources.

Direct Services

Blue Sky Bridge supports child abuse investigations by providing a child-friendly facility in which to interview children, expert forensic interviewers, and clinical family support to assist non-offending family members. Appointments are made by the Department of Social Services or a law enforcement agency. Blue Sky Bridge also provides phone assistance to people in need of information and/or support around child abuse issues.


There is no charge for forensic services.

Blue Sky Bridge

PO Box 19122 Boulder, CO 80308

Phone: 303.444.1388 Fax 303.444.2045

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Gina Maione Earles – Executive Director