Boulder County Probation

LEVI MEMBER: Boulder County Probation

BOULDER COUNTY PROBATION is a county agency, in existence for 40+ years. Boulder County Probation’s mission is aligned with Colorado Probation’s commitment to Public Safety, Victim and Community Reparation through Offender Accountability, Skill and Competency Development and service to the Communities of Colorado. Boulder County Probation serves the geographical jurisdiction of Boulder County, the 20th Judicial District.


Boulder County probation currently employs 50 career staff, with 15 volunteers. Agency staff will be available to assist with domestic violence related intake. Bilingual services are available.


The agency currently has agency speakers to address the issues of domestic violence.

Direct Services

Victim Impact statement- pre-sentence, Victim Notification for cases where offender is supervised by our agency.


Can assist in referrals to Victims Compensation


Can work with victims to develop safety plan. In certain instances can include the use of electronic monitoring devices for offenders.

Boulder County Probation

PO Box 4249 Boulder, CO, 80302

Phone – 303.441.3780 fax – 303.441.4716

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Donna Deluca, Probation Supervisor