Helping LEVI

How to Help

A little help can change someone’s life.  

Watching someone endure an unhealthy or abusive relationship can be extremely difficult. It is important to recognize the warning signs of abuse and acknowledge the reasons why people may continue those relationships.

Please familiarize yourself with the power and control wheel so you can better understand the context in which abusive relationships operate and how the power and control dynamics affect those who are victims and survivors of domestic violence. When you are ready, then begin the conversation.

Emotional and/or material support to victims and survivors is key for them to escape the cycle of abuse.  Domestic violence victims and survivors may disclose what they are experiencing and may seek help when someone asks about the relationship.

LEVI was created by the initiative of concerned citizens who wanted to ensure the Longmont community had the services needed to live a life free of domestic violence.  We rely on the involvement of the entire community to meet our goals. Please explore the links below to find ways to support those who are or have experienced domestic violence.   For additional questions or information please email or call (303)774-4534.