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LONGMONT HUMANE SOCIETY (LHS) is 501(c)(3)agency, in existence since 1972. The Longmont Humane Society has a mission of caring, serving and educating to improve the lives of companion animals.  The Longmont Humane Society serves the geographical jurisdiction of Boulder, Weld, and Larimer Counties.


Longmont Humane Society currently employs 80 career staff, with over 700 volunteers. Agency staff will be available to assist with domestic violence related animal intake. Bilingual services are available.


The agency currently has agency speakers to address the issues of domestic violence/animal abuse. On hand are additional videos and books as agency resources.


Longmont Humane Society will provide housing for animals belonging to victims of domestic violence. LHS will house the animals for an average of two-weeks based on need/availability. Longmont Humane Society is open Monday-Friday from 12pm-6pm and Saturday/Sunday from 11am – 6pm. Animals which can not be accommodated in the shelter will be referred to other agencies.

Direct Services

LHS can provide medical care for animals injured as a result of a domestic violence situation. Additional medical care could include, but is not limited to vaccinations and other special needs. LHS serves male and female domestic violence victims.


LHS consents to negotiation for fee (caring and feed charges). No domestic violence victim will be turned away for lack of funding.


LHS agrees to continue to participate in outreach groups as necessary.


LHS is willing to consider serving as an animal advocate or in a pet exchange program.

Longmont Humane Society

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