Longmont Police Department

LEVI MEMBER: Longmont Police Department

LONGMONT POLICE DEPARTMENT is a municipality, in existence since 1873. The Longmont Police Department’s mission is to protect and serve with integrity and professionalism in partnership with the people of Longmont. The Longmont Police Department serves the geographical jurisdiction of the City of Longmont boundaries as set by City Council.


The Longmont Police Department currently employs 142 sworn officers and 64 civilians as well as 80 volunteers. Sworn officers are available to assist with domestic violence related intake. Longmont Police utilizes a language line which provides 52 languages to police staff.


The department currently has agency speakers to address the issues of domestic violence as well as issues of animal abuse. On hand are additional videos and books as agency resources.


The Longmont Police Department provides no shelter options.

Direct Services

Emergency police response, crime and disorder resolution, victim advocate services available at Longmont Police (2nd floor detective window).


The Longmont Police Department neither provides nor requires any monetary fees for services.


Longmont Police Department provides two assigned domestic violence officers for five year terms. Four Animal Control Officers are employed as part of staffing. Police department will provide use of Research Analyst for evaluation purposes as well as public relations/marketing staff to assist with domestic violence efforts.


In an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Longmont Police Department

225 Kimbark Street Longmont, CO, 80501

Phone – 303.651.8555 Fax – 303.651.8651

Email Longmont Police Department

Zach Ardis, Public Safety Chief

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