LEVI MEMBER: Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA)

 MOVING TO END SEXUAL ASSAULT (MESA) is a 501(c)3 agency in existence since 1972. MESA believes every person has the right to live free of sexual assault. We are moving to end sexual assault and the suffering it causes in our community. We challenge all forms of oppression and recognize their connection to sexual violence. MESA serves the geographical jurisdiction of Boulder & Broomfield Counties. 24-Hour Crisis and Information Hotline: 303.443-7300.


Team Leader: Lora Blakeslee Atkinson, MNM


MESA believes strongly that we must work to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. As a result, we offer four programs to meet the needs of different populations.

  1. Men Standing Up: Taking Action Against Sexual Assault consists of adult male volunteers who conduct presentations and do outreach in schools and the broader community to help end rape and other forms of gender based violence.
  2. Elder Abuse Prevention is aimed at preventing domestic and sexual abuse later in life.
  3. The Peers Building Justice Program is a collaboration between MESA and the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-violence (SPAN). This program trains high school students to become Peer Educators on the issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating abuse, and other forms of oppression. Peers in the program participate in awareness-raising events to end violence in our community.
  4. Our Community Education Program provides presentations to any community or school group, ages teen through adult, on issues related to understanding and preventing sexual violence.


MESA does not have shelter facilities; however we can provide referrals through our 24-hour hotline.

Direct Services

  • 24-hour sexual assault crisis/information line for Boulder & Broomfield Counties.
  • Low cost individual counseling for sexual assault survivors, families, and friends.
  • Information and assistance with protection orders.
  • Support during court hearings.
  • Assistance, information and support with seeking medical attention and forensic examinations at the hospital following a sexual assault.
  • Individual psychotherapy on a sliding scale fee.
  • Support group therapy for survivors, their families, and friends.
  • Assistance, information, and support with reporting to law enforcement.
  • Assistance with Victim Compensation.
  • Information on victims rights.
  • Services to clients are available in both English and Spanish.


MESA does not provide financial services; however, we can provide referrals when appropriate.  MESA offers sliding fee scales for therapy services.


Please refer to Direct Services (above).


MESA provides safety planning for all clients and callers.  In addition, we work very closely with all law enforcement agencies in Boulder County.

Moving to End Sexual Assault

2336 Canyon Blvd, Suite 103 Boulder, CO 80302

Phone – 303.443.0400 Crisis Hotline: 303.443.7300

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