LEVI’s Three Pillars:

• Educate the Community
• Empower Victims
• End Domestic Violence

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About LEVI

LEVI (Longmont Ending Violence Initiative) is an awareness project designed to enlist the entire community in an effort to reduce and control domestic violence. It is our intent to teach members of the community how to become part of the solution to end domestic violence by getting resources to the relationship before the violence escalates.

LEVI is an innovative multiple-agency collaborative response accomplished through a public information plan, widespread education and easy access to services.

LEVI’S Child Sexual Assault

Prevention Project

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The crime of child sexual assault is simply intolerable in our community.  To that end, Public Safety Chief Mike Butler requested LEVI do some prevention work in this area.  We have convened a committee of collaborative agencies and expert volunteers to design the most effect prevention project possible. You can read more about our work HERE or visit the website HERE.  Be sure to stay tuned for more information about Project Pinwheel and how you can get involved.

State Legislative Update:


Domestic Violence Awareness   Barbers & Cosmetologists

Boulder’s District 10 Representative Edie Hooton (D) introduced a bill that “…requires barbers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians, as part of the requirement to renew their professional licenses, to take a one-time training course for one hour on domestic violence and sexual assault awareness. The bill does not impose a mandatory reporting requirement on these professionals and specifically grants them immunity from civil and criminal liability for reporting or failing to report potential domestic violence or sexual assault.”

The bill’s second reading was March 2, 2017; it has been laid over to March 27, 2017. Click on the bill title above to follow this bill. To weigh in on this bill, click this list of current legislators and contact yours.


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